Running course

The running course of 2.5km goes from the Finishing Area, up unto the beautiful fortifications. From here, the course runs past Den Tapre Landsoldat, and goes through the center of Fredericia, back to the finish line.

The route is 2.5km

Youth navigates one round of the 2.5km course
Draft and beginner athletes are to complete to rounds of the 2.5km course, ending out in a 5 kilometer run.
Olympic distance is to complete 4 laps, totaling 10 kilometers.

In general:
There is one refreshment stand per 2.5km
The course is run on a mixture of gravel and asphalt.

Refreshments on the running course will consist of:
Sports drinks
Energy bars
The refreshment stand will be passed by all runners once per lap of the 2.5km course, and is located in the finishing area.